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about flamenco

"Flamenco is an art form consisting of song, music, and dance traditions assimilated from around the world. Originating in the Andalusia community of Spain, flamenco is the badge of identity of numerous communities and groups, in particular the Gitano Roma ethnic community which has played an essential role in its development. The word flamenco refers to an identity that encompasses dignity, honesty of expression, and completeness of presence - the ability to appreciate and live in the moment. These are the qualities that ultimately give flamenco its characteristic intensity."             -National Institute of Flamenco

One of the most famous dancers of all time, Carmen Amaya.

Documentary using Music & Dance to tell the story of Romany Gypsies migration across Asia and Europe through the ages.

Flamenco Chico’s very own developing artist and instructor.

Classes Offered

Winter Session: Sevillanas

Sundays, 5:30-6:30pm, February 10 - March 31

Please note that your registration is not refundable if canceling less than 10 days before the first day of class. Refunds will be the amount you paid minus PayPal and SquareSpace's processing fee. 

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What a great experience! As a person with two left feet, I was a bit nervous to join a flamenco class, but the patient instruction and supportive environment made it a truly wonderful time.”
— Jane, 34

About Winter Session:

  • We will focus on Sevillanas, one of the many traditional forms of flamenco. It is a fun dance for fiestas and can be danced solo or in pairs.

  • Winter Session fills up quickly, so you must pay to reserve your spot. Each class is just $10 when you register for the complete session. Please contact us if you need to arrange a payment plan.

  • You will need short heels or heeled boots for class. Traditional flamenco shoes are made out of leather, fit snuggly, have grippy soles, and a short wooden heel with actual nails nailed into it for making sounds. For beginners, I recommend making due with what's in your closet. When you are ready to purchase shoes for class, please visit Dance Away, right next door to our dance studio at 177 East 3rd Street. They have flamenco shoes as well as character shoes, which are versatile dance/theater shoes and generally more affordable than flamenco shoes.


Connect with Us

Flamenco Chico provides flamenco dance lessons. All levels, body types and genders are welcome in our flamenco family. We hope to lift up flamenco’s artistry and history and build community around this art form. Instructor, Anna Isaacs, has been dancing flamenco since age 12 and excited to connect with you! 


Phone: (530) 636-2604

Address: Downtown Dance, 163 East 3rd Street, Chico CA 95928